It’s easy to use.
First of all checking the pen:
• Check the name, strength and colored label of your Kresitan® pen to make sure that it contains the growth hormone strength you need.
• Do not shake Kresitan® pen.
• Check the expiry date on the Kresitan® pen label. Do not use if it is out-of-date.
• Check that the solution inside the cartridge is clear and colorless by tipping the pen upside down once or twice.
Do not use the pen if the solution inside the cartridge is unclear or cloudy.

Preparing for injection

1. Remove the pen from the refrigerator and wait until it reaches the room temperature.


2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them.


3. Hold the pen with one hand. Remove the pen cap with your other hand.

4. Wipe the pen’s septum with an alcohol swab.

5. Pull off the paper tab from the back of needle. While the outer needle shield still attached, place the needle on the pen and rotate clockwise to fix it on the pen.

6. Pull to remove needle outer shield. You will need needle outer shield to remove the needle after the injection.

7. Hold your pen with the needle pointing up. Gently remove the inner needle shield and throw it away.

8. In the first use, rotate the dose dialer until “2” aligns with the pointer in the dose displaying window.

9. Tap the cartridge gently with your finger to help air bubbles rise to the top. Some small bubbles may remain in the cartridge.

10. Press the orange button until “0” aligns with the pointer in the dose displaying window. If you saw a drop of liquid come out of the needle, it means the pen is ready to use. If nothing comes out of the tip, repeat steps 8 to 10. If the problem does not resolve after four attempts, switch with a new needle. If the problem did not resolve, contact your physician.
Choosing the injection site.

11. The areas that are shown with Orange color (abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks) are the best places to inject the medicine. It is recommended to rotate the injection site regularly.

Adjusting the dose dialer.

12. Rotate the dose dialer until the recommended number by your doctor appears in the dose displaying window.

- Avoid unnecessary twisting of the dose dialer, it may impair the pen function.
- If you turn dose dialer more than necessary (wrong dose dialed), simply turn the dose dialer backwards to set on the right number.
- Do not press the orange button while setting the dose, since it leads to withdrawal of the medicine.
- You cannot rotate the dose dialer to a value more than what is in it. Avoid turning the dose dialer by force. Throw away the pen or use the remaining units in the pen and complete your dose with a new pen.
- Do not use the numbers written on the cartridge to make a judgement about the dose.
- Never inject the whole content of the pen at once unless it is stated by your doctor. Injection.

13. Disinfect the injection site on the skin with an alcoholic swab.

14. Take the pen with one hand and pinch your skin on the injection site with the other hand.

15. Insert the needle straight into the skin at a 90-degree angle.

16. Press the orange button till number “0” appears in the dose displaying window.
Do not touch the dose dialer with your fingers while pressing the orange button. This may prevent the injection.

17. Hold the orange button down and count slowly to 10 to ensure that the medicine has completely injected into the skin. Remove the needle out of your skin when you finished counting. If you saw drug liquids on the pen after you withdrew the pen, in the next injection, hold the needle in your skin for a longer time.

After the Injection

18.Carefully replace the outer needle shield on the needle. Rotate the capped needle counterclockwise. Properly discard both the needle and the outer needle shield as directed by your health care professional. After injection, cover the injection site with dry cotton. Subcutaneous injection may cause transient pain or minor bruising in the injection area.

19. Replace the cap on the pen and keep it for up to 4 weeks in a refrigerator (2°C-8°C) or for up to 3 weeks at room temperature (below 25°C).