Shine for health

We promise a healthier tomorrow for our patients.
Our aim is to improve healthcare access and quality of life.
We focus on contributing to benefit our patients, society and environment.

parlasın Azərbaycan
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Parelan Extera

We are the first science-based pharmaceutical company in Azerbaijan, focusing on the full production of high-technology medicines.

We use innovation and advance technology to deliver premium products of the high standards

Being Azerbaijan’s pioneering science-based pharmaceutical company, we prioritize the full-scale manufacturing of cutting-edge products. Our diverse portfolio encompasses biotechnological and nanotechnological innovations, ensuring the highest quality pharmaceuticals adhering to stringent GMP standards.

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We are responsible for our society and our environment

To foster a sustainable business, Parla® assumes responsibility for both society and the environment. We engage with relevant stakeholders in our areas of expertise as part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives. Additionally, our commitment to safeguarding our planet is reinforced by policies that underpin every decision and action we take.

We have passion to help patients

At Parla®, enhancing patients’ quality of life is our primary focus. It’s the guiding principle behind every decision and action. We ensure our medicines are accessible and affordable to all.