Exporting advanced biotechnological and nanotechnological products by developing an international culture, structure and performance is one of the key focus areas. Parla is ambitious to be Azerbaijan’s best Pharmaceutical brand, worldwide.



Improving healthcare access and quality of life.
Creating added value for our customers, staff, business partners and shareholders.


Initial aim is to produce high quality pharmaceutical products with affordable price and our mission is to develop customer orientation and leadership in the pharmaceutical market and community. Exporting advanced biotechnological and nanotechnological products is one of the key focus areas.

Parla Team

With a well-trained professional team and abundance of experience behind them, Parla is determined to become a first-class pharmaceutical company in Azerbaijan.
We are a dynamic and energetic team of professionals who focus on excellence and success. Our people are equipped with many years of experience, along with the knowledge and confidence in their field of work.

Parla is a young, talented, ambitious and agile team of professionals.

In Parla we believe in innovation, dedication and teamwork.

Our success is a reflection of our people and we love what we do.

Parla Culture

Parla culture is a set of principles which form bases of every decisions and action we make.It shows who we are, what is our principles and values, how we perform and what is our goals, and it describes the direction for all of us. Our culture is based on striving for best in all performance areas as workplace, individual and team, products and engagement.

Social Responsibility

Staying true to our mission, values and culture we focus on contributing to benefit our patients, society and environment.



As an ambitious company, we believe our work should be executed flawlessly, to guarantee added value for our patients, customers, shareholders and staff and ensure unparalleled quality in everything we do.


We set our standards high and we are ready to help team to add on their skills, so that Parla’s team can exceed expectations and strive for perfection in everything we do.


We constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.


Parla deeply believes in real team performance and integration. We put the interest of the team as success only comes when we work together.


Ethics is propriety in all what we do in Parla. We are honest, fair and open and we never compromise on those.